About Us


based in Perth, Western Australia, is a highly specialised technical services company operating predominantely in the heavy manufacturing and oil & gas sectors. It has recently extended its services to other industries such as civil and mechanical engineering, nuclear, utilities and large manufacturing plants; all requiring regular planned testing and maintenance programs due to the extensive risk management  needs typically encounted at such facilities.

BoltPrep has a unique set of service offerings which are specialised and focussed on a range of non-destructive testing techniques that serve to maximise and extend the life of any large plant and machinery; for example, gold and iron ore crushing mills, large manufacturing plants and other structures built with heavy bolts and flanges and where the risk of unplanned break downs has the potential to triggersignificant financial, safety and environmental consequences.

The business has been operating since 2006 and has acquired siginficant and unique problem resolution techniques and skills which are deployed on site by experienced and qualified staff.

The combined experience of our team spans decades of problem identification and resolution and BoltPrep’s qualified technicians are reputed to have a service availability, capacity and response time that is second to none in industry circles.

BoltPrep has built its business on these professional premises and has grown year on year since foundation. The company is pleased to now offer its own patented solutions to recurring industry maintenance and repair issues which are designed to minimise costly downtime and to carry out emergency repairs faster and more cost effectively. The larger the project, the greater the benefits, and savings are also significantly magnified in cases where the cost of unplanned break downs would amount to incalculable health and safety and environmental risks. BoltPrep is certified to operate in challenging and incline environments such as confined spaces, heights and adverse climatic conditions.

The company is renowned for its Ultrasonic Bolt Load Verification technique and has assessed and repaired thousands of heavy industrial Critical Bolted Joints and Flanges by testing and measuring integrities and assisting with the implementation of sound bolting practices on site and remotely.

The BoltPrep team is on stand by to not only service your requirements but to also save you money on each and every engagement whilst at the same time, preserving and looking after your most important assets.